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As they (or rather Chairman Mao) say the longest journey starts with the smallest step…so here goes my first small step into the blogosphere. However it is not small steps on my mind at the moment rather small pedalling motions. Having acquired a preowned bicycle with some vague idea of  leisurely cycle rides around the local park with maybe a small adventure to the local forest with more proficient friends I find I am committed to a 40Km tour de somewhere in Cheshire complete with an Olympian.

Now I am up for a challenge and believe in setting goals and I intend to meet this one despite my current feelings of abject terror and despite the fact that I have lived many more years than the number of kilometres I will be pedalling. I realise a plan will be required and a training programme so undaunted I thought the first step would be to check out the equipment. I therefore ventured into the yard – which will give you a clue that my terrace is not a magnificent  structure with a sweeping vista of magnificent Tuscan country side but is a small house glued to several others. The view from the window is not good at the moment courtesy of Hyndburn Council and the NHS – but that is another story and another blog.

So I gingerly pulled my magnificent machine  from its parking spot between the wheely bin and the mouldering shed where as you can see a handy bag of compost is acting as bike stand and inspected it.  Firstly it is purple –  this is a good colour  and the same as my first ever two-wheeler a Dawes Daisybelle and should help inform the choice of helmet. Secondly it is something called a Shimano – is this good? have I got  a  Ferrari or a Lada? Anyway I  think this is academic as on closer inspection I note that the chain appears not to be attached to any of the cog things which I am reliably informed link to the scary looking  number of gears…. so I’ve given it a bit of a dust and wedged it back against the mouldy shed.

I am blessed that I have magnificent support from friends who have already promised to rally round, hopefully the purple machine can be brought to life with some oily rags and spanners and some TLC.

Then I will have no excuse, will have to purchase the helmet, find appropriate clothing, dust off my two cycling proficiency badges and venture out  on the start of what could be one of my longest journeys.


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Ageing optimist still trying to make sense of life. New to blogging.

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  1. Julie, you really are a NUT CASE. if you need a cycling buddy to get you motivated, give me a call.


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