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Well am back wading deeper into the blogosphere waters. I am sure that you will all be expecting an exciting update on my progress towards my personal Everest of  cycling 40km, and yes I was hoping to be able to regale you with details of how I now how the whole project under control, am oozing  confidence and considering upgrading to the elite and expert group. However the reality is slightly less impressive, The Purple Peril is still languishing next to the mouldy shed, the compost bag doing sterling work as a bike stand and yes the chain is still not on a cog of any sort. But I am undaunted, we have the team name – Daft and Determined and the daft part is certainly true in my case. I have endured some hi tech stress with the cycletta website but have managed to register as a beginner – clearly meaning I will be the last to start and finish. I struggled to find a category for the old and infirm. We have had a rant via our fearless leader loulouk’s blog – Mud In My Eyes at the inequity of official merchandise only going up to size 14.  I have been inundated with advice from friends re the need for padded cycling shorts and knickers – don’t think they are talking about Tena Lady either. I have the support of friends and colleagues who are even now planning a day trip to Tatton Park to encourage (or possibly laugh so much they will need the Tena Lady). So I suppose the only thing left is for me to get on The Purple Peril – I have discovered I have the wrong tyres but surely that is a mere detail and there is a cute little holder for my bottle of water so whats all this about hydration packs?  There is also just a slight issue that may cause a minor hiccup in the training plan… on consulting my diary I notice the two weeks prior to the event I have taken out of my diary for a holiday…again mere detail, I am sure I’ve read somewhere that its good not to over train before a major event,so some time relaxing in Tuscany or Umbria can only be helpful can’t it? After registering I  checked in with Team Leader  Lou who asked – Was I excited? I gave her a true indication of my feelings… Terrified!


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