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 It was supposed to be a totally cycling free weekend in London – a  diversion from  current pressures – time dedicated to my main loves and passions – theatre and art. Tickets had long ago been purchased for the David Tennant/Catherine Tate uber cool but hot ticket  production of  Much Ado and a fab exhibition at National Portrait gallery had been identified as the perfect Sunday morning activity. The sun shone, the train was on time, my new Kindle was loaded with an amazing and enthralling book (When God was a Rabbit) and the hotel was the epitomy of refurbed boutique perfection. The Purple Peril was left languishing in its nest by the shed and compost bag, luggage left in the trendy bedroom and a short walk  to a sundrenched Covent Garden Piazza – good conversation, a browse round the shops , a small whinge at having to pay £3.50 for a teacup with a peppermint tea bag in hot water, but who cares when the sun shines? … and then it happened, calling at Stanfords travel book shop to source a new  note book and there it was staring me in the face- a whole section on …cycling… a reminder that times winged chariot was hurtling on and once again a weekend would pass without me mounting  the Purple Peril and starting on the long road to Tatton Park. I stood transfixed  fighting the waves of guilt, finally took a firm grip on myself, walked swiftly to the notebook section, selected the perfect notebook ,made my purchase and left  the conscience pricking shelves behind. The rest of the weekend passed as planned, brilliant theatre, fun, entertaining making Shakespeare accessible to all followed by wonderful photography from Ida Kar.  The Purple Peril was still there when I returned to the terrace,  patiently awaiting  a dose of TLC which is being bestowed upon it by friends this weekend. It was a pleasant  diversion despite the accusatory bookshelves, but  a lunch with our team leader has confirmed that I am still daft, still determined and need to get on with it and stop making Much Ado About Nothing.


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