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Just a lonely bag of compost

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It  is looking lonely, the compost bag which has been doing sterling work as a temporary bike stand, but yes the Purple Peril is now in the Bike ICU where the doctors are performing major surgery coupled with TLC in order to bring it to back to fighting fitness. There was much diagnosing, testing, squeezing of brakes, some deep and sharp intakes of breath – that was as the chief consultant was being attacked by a low flying hanging basket – but on balance is was agreed that the machine was rescuable. There is a slight issue with the rear wheel hub and we wait with bated breath for the estimate on cost if a replacement is required, but hey.. in for a penny in for a pound.

Pennies and pounds are uppermost in the thoughts as we embark on this cycling adventure as those of us in Daft and Determined will be cycling to raise funds for a local charity close to our hearts – The John Bury  Trust- http://  and in these Tough Times we need every penny. So as the Purple Peril receives its own life changing interventions we will this weekend  be  holding our annual charity ball to fill the coffers so that over the next year,  we can change the lives of  some of the most vulnerable young people in Blackburn with Darwen. I therefore make no apologies for the fact that for the next few days  cycling may not be the priority as it is all hands to the (balloon) pumps to ensure that our event on Saturday, not only raises much needed funds, but  that all 270 of the wonderful people attending have the most amazing night in celebration of the work they support,  with a fair amount of dancing wether it be on the dance floor or, as  has been known in the past, the tables.

Yes, cycling 40km  is a personal challenge of immense proportions but it pales into insignificance when compared to the challenges some children, young people and families face every day.  Getting round the Cycletta course will be a one off achievement for me,  with time to prepare, supported and encouraged by friends,  family and colleagues, but there are plenty who for whom every day is a challenge to be faced with none of these.  They deserve our help and support and the least I can do,  besides giving great people a good night out,  is make sure I get round that course in the knowledge that it may be a single act  that will lead to long term change for someone else.

The compost bag will not be lonely for long, the prognosis is good and spirits remain high- a revamped rear wheel hub, a gel padded seat, new pedals and amazingly funky coloured mudgards and the countdown to lift off will soon be underway.


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  1. I think the gel seat will be handy. probably the best buy you’ll make for your bike. 🙂


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