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No going back now.. it’s time to purchase the padded knickers… ten days of indulgence and sunshine at home and in Ibiza are over and the inaugural ride of the Daft and Determined crew is scheduled for this weekend. Though with the amount of food and drink I have imbibed I am not sure I need any more padding!  but I am assured I will and having read a handy cycling tip about the merits of Sudacrem whilst relaxing by the pool I am scouring the backs of various cupboards in the hope of extracting an ancient pot of the stuff that I am sure is lurking there – I won’t go into the details as it is definitely in the realms of too much information but it would appear that the manufacturers have spotted a  niche (literally)  in the cycling market. I offer this nugget of information along with a pic of an Ibizan bike to let you know that cycling was not too far from my mind at all times especially when dodging the sporty types cycling along the esplanade – not too much padding in evidence though I think tight lycra may have been doubling as club wear.

The Purple Peril is still in intensive care  but the prognosis is good and I should have the mighty machine ready for Sunday. It remains to be seen if I can match up to expectation and do it justice. I am eternally grateful for the team that have worked on PP over the past fortnight – and it is truly a team – I believe there have been handovers of spanners, discussions of bearings  and twitchy front forks between a range of friends and supporters across  both traditional communication media and the social networks – all of which I have missed as I lolled by the pool contemplating the joy of my new Kindle.   On return what an inspiration it is to discover  true team spirit is building and I am looking forward to immersing myself in that rather than the pool or the ocean.

So ignoring the pile of emails in the work inbox I am focussing on preparation for  the weekend, our intrepid team leader has supplied a kit list that makes me think I am about to ride across the Hindu Kush.  Reality is biting now and in the next few days I will have to prepare physically and mentally for the task ahead. The route is set and  clarified, I did have  a momentary panic of monumental proportions when in an idle moment at lunchtime I googled the  area of the training ride and was confronted with pictures of  trendy adolescents flying through the air  over what appeared to be gaping chasms and sheer rock faces alongside details of nearest A and E.  Having scoured the kit list for signs that I need a parachute and full body armour and a frantic email exchange I am now reassured that we will not at this stage be looking at this type of activity and remain safe in the knowledge that we have permission to walk up the hills. This may be my prefered option not merely in case my lungs fail but simply through the omission of not really having got to grips with how gears work yet. Got some useful tips from knowledgeable sort at a birthday BBQ this weekend and was  impressed till he revealed he was referring to Sturmey Archer circa 1969 – the fact that he was moshing on the sofa  rather than pogoing round the garden could have been a clue…..

So armed with the kit list I will be venturing into the dark realms of the cycle accessory department – a mysterious cave with the enticing promise of wicking tops, padded shorts and cute skirts ,waterproofsand puncture repair kits – hope they still come in cute yellow tins, with relief  (Ithink) I note Team Leader is bringing the First Aid Kit but before all that… where’s the damn Sudacrem?


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  1. Rather than Sudacrem, this stuff is well regarded.

    The PP should be ready for tomorrow; had a couple of major breakthroughs yesterday on bits that were causing me immense bother.


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