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Best Laid Plans…..

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My vision of today… Team Daft and Determined bowling along the sea front in full sunshine, clocking up the kilometers and moving towards peak fitness. The reality… half the team are sunning themselves in various hotspots in the med, the other half are preparing for some muddy festivals and English country holidays and the monsoon (not the nice shop either) has arrived in East Lancashire.  The view from the terrace today is distinctly soggy, even the firemen going through their paces at the fire station opposite were kitted out as if they were on  a deep-sea trawler.  I did not buy the house for this view –  though several of my friends who find the lure of men in uniform welding large hoses attractive  have asked to rent my window view for a bit of vicarious eye candy and given the current state of the economy I may yet take them up on it.

So my morning has been a rather lovely lie in, (not I hasten to add watching the firemen) a leisurely breakfast and now the prospect of a day watching the golf, blogging and  generally vegging out.  Not that the team  gave up easily, an alternate route for the survivors had been plotted yesterday with the requisite cake stop included but clearly it was not meant to be and so it will be more mental than physical training today.

However, the best laid plans should always have a contingency built-in and the capacity to adapt to unexpected change and  a new evening date is already in place structured around work, ironing and social commitments not to mention a vital weigh in at Fat Club ( will need a bit of adjustment from me – ie sticking to plan –  as I was planning on cycling knocking off any excess Sinful behaviour.. oops). So the prospect of bowling along in sunshine is still on the cards…may be the canal  rather than the sea but the purpose will be the same and the target met. It will still need nappy knickers, a lot of balance – it’s a very narrow tow path… eek! and there had better be cake at the end of it. (don’t care how sinful it is).


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