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Time to Feel the Fear….

Yes it’s almost here… not autumn and the promise of the move into the dark nights of winter… but the weekend of the Cycletta. The event which seemed so far away the day we first met back in July to form a group and begin our training is upon us.

The promise of glorious weather is encouraging, though where previously we had been slightly dismissive of talk of hydration packs I suspect we may be casting envious glances at one of our numbers rather sleek backpack – even though it is prone to slight leakage,  then again given some of our ages who are we to criticise.  I have been training hard the past week – mentally at least as I soaked up the Provençal sunshine, imbibed the wine and gorged on cheese, pate and baguettes – well you need to stock up on carbs don’t you? However I failed to even turn a pedal for the week – claiming that brisk walking up the streets of medieval hill villages and dodging the odd bit of bull running was sufficient interval training. With regard to the bull running we didn’t actually see the bulls running through St Remy de Provence for which we were rather grateful, but we did see the rest of the rather splendid parade partly  as a result of parking in what was initially an extremely empty car park only to discover post a rather good cafe au lait that this was the pre and post parade meeting point for a large number of white horses of the Camargue and their guardians. Made a visit to the loo interesting in the extreme.

Never having had the urge to take part in running with bulls – or particularly seen the attraction I cannot comment on the experience but am led to believe  it is part of the desire to achieve, overcome fear and survive.  These are the thoughts I have swirling in my brain at the moment as the day approaches.  I am fearful, after all this preparation I do want to achieve and complete the course and I am really looking forward to the experience of riding with a group of like-minded committed women and raise money for our chosen charity The John Bury Trust.   Yes there is also excitement and a positive sense of anticipation and not just at the thought of the cake at the end (note to self  make sure cake is in car) but also in looking forward to completing something which began with the first fearful wobble back on a bike after 35 years and knowing that whatever time it takes, whatever the outcome of the day, the fear will have been felt, faced and overcome.

The link to sponsor the Daft and Determined Team for The John Bury Trust is:






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  1. Good luck for Sunday. I have enjoyed your blog and will be there riding along as well! I did the South cycletta a few weeks ago (my first organised ride) and I was nervous and excited as well! You will love it and I have no doubt you will finish the course. P.s. there was a cake stall (fairy cakes) at the cycetta village and although they where quiet expensive at £2 each I thought we had earnt it and they were very, very nice, just incase you forget your cake 🙂

    • Thank you very much, looking forward to Sunday so may see you! Well done on doing both, the whole thing has been really inspiring. Good to lnow about the cake stall I can guarantee we will be visiting that one!

  2. Hi Julie,
    I just wanted to say thank you. For company, and laughter, and not killing me for the first ride out, for support and listening and endless patience, for guidance and a little bit of friendship. You are so awesome it hurts and I really really really do use that phrase in the absolute most appropriate really does mean what it should mean kind of way.
    We are going to kick some serious lycra’d ass ;O)

    • its been and will continue to be a pleasure! I have learnt so much – even put my chain back on yesterday! But most of all wouldn’t be sitting here in trepidation and expectation if it had not been for you suggesting we do this bonkers thing. the PP would have prob still been mouldering in the yard and we would not have had half so much fun. there is plenty more laughter cake and friendship ahead – and i’ve bought a new top for Sunday – sleeveless cos of the heat – necessary for health and safety – so that will have to have more outings… Yes we will kick ass and achieve on Sunday and beyond,

  3. Just wanted to say good luck tomorrow – it’s going to be a great day! Have fun!


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