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Not all doom and gloom….

Sunshine and all that goes with it is one of the great joys of life, and as we hurtle towards the winter solstice the lack of rays from our nearest star has a direct effect on my mood and energy levels. It may well be unseasonably warm, but crikey this morning here in East Lancashire it was gloomy.  On waking to the sight of a battleship grey sky, I felt a diaspora of gloom descending, reinforced by a look at the newspapers and television news where there was hardly a spark of brightness and light anywhere.  The bed was warm and snug and the thought of leaving the nest to pedal through the grey and slightly dank conditions was distinctly unwelcome.  Cycling was on the agenda and I wrestled with my conscience – could I claim exhaustion, dengue fever, plague or alien abduction as an excuse to skip, should I just be honest and say I just didn’t fancy it, or just hope my cycling companion would  feel the same and  we could agree to just potter out for coffee and cake? I went for the latter and was just about to breathe a sigh of relief that I was off the hook when the ‘where are we going’ text arrived and subsequent communications made it clear that no matter how doomy and gloomy I, the weather  or indeed the nation were feeling today, baling out was not an option!

The weather never got above gloomy today and it was freezing out in the Ribble Valley and there was some serious log stocking up going on – we noted the  need to stock up on long sleeve tops and neck snoody things but the Charlie Brown like black cloud lifted and there were some valuable lessons learned.

  • True friends don’t take no for an answer and understand when to push you for your own good
  • If you don’t cycle for 2 weeks your fitness levels drop drastically and the hills become enormous again
  • If you grit your teeth and recite poetry/sing songs in your head you can get up the hills
  • Toasted tea cakes and coffee are one of the joys of life especially on a grey Sunday afternoon.
  • It is really cold as the sun sets in November
  • Making the effort to spend time with friends is always worth it, especially when you are tempted to stay sunk in your own increasing gloom.
  • No matter how much doom and gloom there is around at the moment we  are responsible for the creation of our own sunshine .

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Ageing optimist still trying to make sense of life. New to blogging.

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