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All I wanted for Christmas…

… no not George Clooney and his coffee machine or even my body weight in Chanel, all I wanted for Christmas this year was a vintage box bag for my bike rack.  I must have been a good girl all year because,waiting for me under the tree in all its glory  was the accessory I most coveted, the Florence – even the name is perfect  for a Tuscany lover.

It is important to realise that I am a woman who can be turned to mush at the mere mention of  Mulberry, Hermes, Birkin or Kelly bags, I have coveted Balenciaga, Tods, Prada and Gucci to name but a few, but now I sit transfixed by a simple saddlebag.   This is  testament to the years lifestyle changes, clambering back onto a bike and rising to the challenge of  Cycletta, rediscovering the fun of turning pedals, cycling with friends, not to mention scoffing scones and cake in celebration.

I am almost reluctant to fix it to the rack in case it gets dirty – but then that will be part of the fun – once  filled with emergency ponchos, muesli bars, spare scones -and oh yes the puncture repair kit we will be off on next years journey to Cycletta triumph with maybe  new adventures and tea shops along the way.  On our travels should the opportunity arise to divert to a tempting emporium of good taste, this year I will be able to indulge secure in the knowledge that purchases will no longer be pulverised in  back pockets or squeezed into backbacks but  will be transported back to the terrace in classic style.





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Ageing optimist still trying to make sense of life. New to blogging.

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  1. As a woman who can trash a hotel room within three minutes of arrival, I really don’t have high hopes for your new saddle bag…….. 🙂

    Nevertheless, enjoy the present!

  2. Wohh precisely what I was searching for, thank you for posting.


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