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Be kind to yourself..

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It’s here now…. 2012, the year of the London Olympics when we will be exhorted to go higher, faster, stronger,  be reminded that it’s all about the taking part not the winning, platitudes will fall from the lips of  pundits wether professional or armchair  with more regularity than some footballers in a penalty area.  Today is the day for resolutions and  already we are promising and planning to achieve all the things which we think are important to us, the stuff  we  didn’t quite sort out last year, and to improving on some of the things we did achieve.

I’ve already had the motivational text from Fat Club Leader – shame it didn’t arrive before I stuffed a whole bar of marzipan chocolate down for breakfast… I have already committed to reaching my target weight, getting back on the bike in the next week, completing Cycletta again only faster, sorting out finances, clearing cupboards, selling stuff on Ebay, the list is endless.  Probably like many people’s the same, with a few tweaks as it is most years.  I already feel the pressure and yes the guilt about the flaming chocolate! In thinking  back on 2011 I  realise that the things that gave the most pleasure were none of the things  on the list this time last year.  I did lose weight, get fitter – and cleared a couple of cupboards but what gave the greatest pleasure included

watching my  10-year-old nephew swim in the sea for the first time

spending time with my family in Ibiza

crossing the line in the Cycletta

seeing  Kevin Spacey in a phenomenal Richard III

spending time with friends in Manchester,  Cheshire,  London, Newcastle  and Glasgow accompanied  by chilled prosecco, laughter and kettle chips

late night chips in Manchester after the Christmas markets

Early morning coffee and croissants in Aix-en-Provence, lunch in Les Baux

Strangely none of these were on my list of resolutions last year and if in dogged pursuit of achievement and being able to tick the box I may have missed some of the great experiences along the way.

This year then I’m going to work towards reaching the things I’ve committed to but not at the exclusion of everything else, I intend to take advantage of opportunities for enjoyment where possible and if it means deviation from the list for a week or two  I won’t beat myself up.

There will be a lot written and spoken about achievement this year and I  am sure the words failure  and defeat will figure as well if someone doesn’t quite make the time. the distance or injury prevents them meeting expectation, but they will not figure in my list.  I will be kind to myself if things go a bit off plan and I hope you will be able to do the same to yourselves.



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