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On the road again…

Raise the flags, call the press agencies, ring the bells and anything else you do when breaking news of national importance – then again you may need to downgrade it slightly when you realise the cause of such exuberance is only the notification of my first cycle ride of 2012!

Oh yes the pedals have turned, albeit slowly and not for long, but I am back on the road again focusing on next October’s Cycletta North. It was a trepidacious return with all the anxieties, fears and worries of the first outing last year flooding forward from the deep recesses of the mind, but this time, it was different as I  know that I can do it.  So inspired by  bright blue sky and strong winter sunshine I extracted the nappy lined leggings from under the bed, polished my helmet – well gave it a cursory flick with a tea towel, and roused the Burgundy Bombshell from hibernation in the wheelie bin cave.

We were both a little slow to get into the moment but amazingly quickly all the pleasure and enjoyment returned and we bowled along up to the park… and there encountered our first hill of the year. Oh how it hurt first time round – slow and plodding (and by the way this is a slight incline not the north face of the Eiger)  with sundry dog walkers overtaking us with pitying glances…but second time it was slightly easier, so I decided to quit while I was ahead.

It was not a long ride and we quickly returned to the terrace, BB back to hibernation and me to a deep warm bath – back in the old routine . It may seem a long way to October but it will come quickly and there is the promise of much between now and then, this year we will be joined by  friends who have yet to  buy bikes let alone ride them. We will again be riding  for our local charity  The John Bury Trust- most of all we are looking forward to an event which celebrates the achievements of women of all ages and abilities, which challenges and rewards, and yes in this Olympic year there will be great achievements, and people will no doubt cycle further longer and faster than we will, but whether they will have so much fun – and eat as many scones along the way remains to be seen.

As one of our team said this week  Bring It On!


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Ageing optimist still trying to make sense of life. New to blogging.

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  1. Oh, is this a new blog? Lovely, something interesting to follow. I’m trying to decide whether to start one myself. I am also an ageing optimist!

    • Hi
      I started this last year in the run up to Cycletta – previous posts are on the archive on the right of the page – I found it really fun but a bit daunting to start with – but I would say if you are going to give blogging a go just go for it – let me know if you do and we can link them. Good Luck and thanks for taking time to read and comment

  2. Oh, by the way, I participated in Cycletta North too. Only entered 3 weeks before after a summer of a trapped nerve in the leg and had all of 3 weeks frantic ‘training’ beforehand. Had kept up cycling but local, to my mums and such like so not quite that daunting. Didn’t do too badly either – but the main thing, thoroughly enjoyed the whole day and meeting the other participants.

    Must either get narrow slicks rather than the half and half trail/road ones I’m on now, or get my road bike back – on the road next year though.

    Now I am going to have a good browse through your blog and enjoy it.

  3. Am very impressed doing Cycleta on 3 weeks training! If you are doing it again will maybe see you there. We really enjoyed the whole experience it was so totally new. Hope you enjoy the blog and look forward ot reading yours.

  4. No, not that impressive, I have always cycled but sometimes not for a few days at a time and I never go far as I cycle along and get bored where I live in borders of Cheshire/Greater Manchester/Merseyside. Do hope to do it again next year, yes it would be nice to see you and your team. I am following another blog of a girl who entered too.

    I think the true heroines of Cycletta were the people who had not been used to cycling and had needed to train for the event. In my mind, they deserve the best mention.

    I would be interested to know what the age range was for the event. I am 68 (on Sunday) and I saw there was a very wide range of ages/fitnesses.

    From your photo, presume you are in the Ribble Valley area?

    • Hi I agree its not the regular cyclists, we had a team of 5 and an age range of early thirties to me @ 57 both of us that we were over 50 had not sat on a bike for many years nd my fitness level wasto say the least not brilliant – we also incorporate a range of ehiights weight and body shapes/ This year we have new people of greater age joining us and also others who just saw how much fun we had. yesam on the fringes of the Ribble Valley – though spent most of early life S manchester.Love it here even on a cold day like today.
      A very happy birthday and great that you are out there enjoying it.


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