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The Sisterhood Rides Again!

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Yes the sisterhood of sweat and scones is back in business, pedalling along the canal and scoffing scones at the half way point. Though as we arrived purple and sweaty at a local emporium we were stunned to find a total dearth of bike racks. On enquiry we were informed  that no one ever arrives by bike!  By Jove we truly  are pioneers.

It was a cold grey day and I made a pathetic attempt to divert from pedals to dog walking, but the steely determination of one of the sisterhood allowed for no evasion. We not only have Cycletta to aim for this year but seem to have committed to another greater distance event. we await the final details of that one, but either way training needs to commence.

Spring is defintly in the air and we were only one of several pedalling teams out and about. We may not be as fast as we were and the hills … well small slopes… seemed gigantic but we have made a start and lived to tell the tale

Today was a short but thoroughly enjoyable run out and we look forward to many more, we are aready planning our future outings including the return to the Hill of Doom – though we are working up to that one.

One thing has not changed, as we tucked into the scones we were heard to say  ‘We’ve Earned Them’ and yes we had.






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