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A serious cyclist?

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Several times in the last few days I’ve found myself explaining to people that I’m not a serious cyclist. I then go on to state that I don’t do drop handlebar lycra speed stuff and that  I just ride a bike.

Which is what I do, I have a nice bike, a town/tourer, with gears and I ride it on the roads and it will go along grassy canal paths and bumpy tracks. If I had the inclination it would probably get me round a few mountain bike routes. I wear cycling sports gear but have been known to just get on my bike in ‘normal clothes’ and ride it to work,  or friends for coffee.

But I do enjoy my rides out,  set targets and goals – usually about which hill I can get up and  want to do Cycletta in a faster time this year, along with a much longer trip planned for the summer.

So am I a serious cyclist or just someone who takes cycling seriously?


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  1. I have been brought up by cyclist parents and you were not a REAL cyclist unless you rode a bike with drops, and wore the gear, although in former years you didn’t ride Lycra, but a ‘uniform’ type of clothes. Now, even old roadies wear Lycra (ugh).

    Since I started cycling again after a spate of walking and other activities, I cycled with a MTB with not so knobbly tyres, wear knee pants but do not wear Lycra. I’m not sure whether there’s much difference between your two descriptions – both describes what you do. I’m not sure what I’d call myself, I just have been cycling most of my life and in fact been brought up with it.

    The main thing is to enjoy whatever form of cycling you do. I wish I lived nearer to you and your friends, I’d love your coffee and scones rides!

  2. It’s hard to say…. maybe you simply just like cycling.

  3. I know what you mean. My boyfriend is a “cyclist”. Going fast,Lycra clad on the Saturday club run, occasional long distances with the Sunday crowd & the odd bit of racing now & then. I have drop bars but on a cyclo-cross frame. I wear a cycling jersey, mainly for the pockets but wear cropped trousers overs my padded shorts. And i don’t go very fast & i’ve yet to go very far. But discovering Cycletta last year & having a goal spurred me on. And it’s nice to be a part of something. I somehow feel like I’m not a cyclist enough to call myself a cyclist but I do love cycling & somehow just being somebody with a bike doesn’t cover it.

    • Yes when we are out in a group we say we are out cycling, but then a blur of wheels and lycra flash past… and we’re back to just riding a bike! but great fun either way

  4. That’s funny, Velma and anneinmid, I go out for a few rides, think I’m burning it up a bit and the same, a skinny, young roadie flashes past me and is gone, and I bet he wonders what that old woman is doing, sauntering along!

    I must say I have only recently started wearing my padded cycling shorts for longer jaunts, they do make bottoms more comfortable. I never used them many years ago only for racing, and somehow never had any problems. Maybe my bottom had absorbed many more miles then.

    I’d love a cyclo cross bike. I consider myself a cyclist as I’ve been doing it from a child, just changed my interpretation of how I enjoy myself, preferring enjoying the short distances I do to counting how many miles I do (not very many). My rides often consist of voluntary ranger duties along the Transpennine Trail, shopping, going to my mum’s but I enjoy what I do!

    Yes, keep posting about your lovely rides.


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