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Mothers Day Musings..

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Once upon a time I remember Mothers Day passing in a haze of breakfast in bed, champagne , chocolates and flowers.

This year I had flowers, champagne and  an excellent meal cooked for me.

I was also serenaded by my cycling sister with the following ditty..

We’re cycling in the rain

We’re cycling in the rain

What a glorious feeling

We’re going insane…..

By which you will have detected that Cycletta training is ramping up a gear. A Sunday Cycle took place, timed to perfection as a passing rain cloud dumped its load on East Lancashire. Luckily, the musical muse did not strike earlier as  we attracted a small crowd of young boys  happy to provide technical assistance to my companion in replacing her front  wheel and ensuring the correct placement of brake cables. I am not sure they would have been ready for a sing song on the car park and they probably didn’t know the words to Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head. The musical interlude came to an abrupt halt as the preciptation became persistent just as the singing cyclist hit top note which coupled with the need to traverse a tricky roundabout  saved passing pedestrians  from further off key renditions of  weather related compositions.

It was not just us taking an active approach to Mothering Sunday,  as the cloud passed and we powered… well in my case crawled, along the canal path we  dodged children, families, fishermen and packs of dogs.  Fellow cyclists passed us in a blur,  one accompanied by so many dogs we were surprised he was on a bike rather than a sledge.

We did manage to locate the traditional stopping place, this week swapping scones for toasted tea cakes before a return in glorious sunshine.

The canal path was deserted at this point… perhaps news of the singing had reached the wider population and they feared an encore.  After a brisk pedal home due to the fact that though sunny, the temperature was  hovering only slightly above brass monkeys, I returned to another Mothers Day tradition… the bubble bath.  Deep, warm, welcoming, though this year not Jo Malone but Radox….


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