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Sunny Spring Sunday

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Three words you don’t often put together. But  today spring was bursting out all over East Lancashire and Cycletta training along one of the more scenic stretches of the canal took place in glorious sunshine.  No need for thermals , the arms and legs were out along with the sunglasses.

This was, in all honesty, the first time I was really looking forward to getting out there. Despite  an early morning melt down involving a missing cross bar attachment leading to  speedy re thinking regarding transport  we had a brilliant time. We even managed a couple of hills – well not really hills  but there was an undeniable altitude change.

This was really an opportunity for me to debut my beautiful vintage box bag and fabulous new  front basket. This clearly marks me as a non professional but they did come in handy as we shed layers in the sunshine.

As my  pedalling companion remarked between the two of them they would hold more than  the RyanAir Hand Luggage allowance.

The basket was,  I must emphasise,  minus the white wine, though we did scope out several excellent picnic places for those days when pleasure will take precedence  over pain.

Clearly the weather had been a clarion call to walkers, dog owners and the more speedy cyclists of the county. All along our 17 mile route – we were knocked out by the stunning views. This  did include  a rather magnificent  male specimen who appeared to have teleported direct from Bondi Beach. Tight White T shirt and bulging biceps made a pleasant change from the  normal oceans of  neon lycra though it did result in a momentary fogging of my companions sunglasses.  Fortunately they cleared speedily as the canal path was positively congested  giving us plenty of practice in dodging the  dog. There is a computer game ripe for development there if only I knew how to do it.  Below is a picture of one of the stunning views… apologies, Mr Bondi moved too quickly for me to dig the camera out of the basket……

There was of course the traditional tea and toasted tea cake, this time at the end of our trek.  We sat on a balcony, basking in sunshine overlooking the marina swapping cycling tales with other intrepid souls  (alas not Mr Bondi)  and it was almost as if we were on holiday. At the end of a long day in holiday sunshine, its  usually a shower followed by liberal application of aftersun, rather than the deep muscle soaking bath which I have just enjoyed.  However, I must  admit it was accompanied by a rather nice glass of sauvignon blanc. After all what’s better than sunshine, white  wine, friends and family?

Lets enjoy it while we can.







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