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Becoming an Android

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Ok its all over… I’ve jumped ship… my love affair with Apple is over… well it will be till I can afford an iPad but I’ve ditched my iPhone for a brand spanking new Samsung Galaxy II.

Now all you phone geeks don’t start telling me  I’ve bought the wrong one and  I should have the got the gobbeldy gooky geek special editionsuperphoneythingy  endorsed by FBI and CIA and MI5. I’m just glad I’ve got something that works, though if I didn’t have the tech support of my daughters BF  I could still be trying to find the On button.

I have loved  my iPhone and indeed it is still sitting on the coffee table – mainly because I haven’t worked out how to get my music off it  and onto the new  phone. However the tariff was becoming increasingly onerous in these austerity times and as the upgrade was due, why not have a change. Which is where the fun really started.

Now I may be of advancing years, but I do understand a little about modern technology and if nothing else I am an experienced purchaser of consumables – indeed my training for this years Run For Life will consist  of power walking the shopping malls and department stores of the UK.  So having done some  careful research… ie what looks good, stylish and can be purchased in diamante I ventured into the high st outlet of my provider. The world may well be  Orange, however, having clearly stated that I wished to become an android in order to reduce monthly outgoings and spent a delightful 20 mins going through my usage I  could not quite understand how what was finally presented to me was a monthly amount higher than that I already part with.

Puzzling on this failure of basic sales technique  I retreated to consider. Then a blinding stroke of luck fell through my door, my current internet  and phone provider had what looked like a belting deal cutting my monthly bill to mere pennies. Just pop into the local store it said..  brilliant, we have one of these stores in our shopping mall. This was going to be the deal of the century coming up. I set off already rehearsing how I would describe this triumph to my colleagues and friends, and instantly be promoted to local moneysavingexpert. Oh how pride comes before a fall… arriving at the retail outlet I could spot an assistant inside but the doors were firmly locked. However, instantly someone more on the ball and clearly having read the Virgin sales training manual – Rule number one -open the shop, materialised with a key.

Producing my flyer with the  mega deal but explaining I’d like to see what else was available, I stood back and waited for details of the bargain of the century.  Assistant Number 2  (the one who had read the manual but clearly only how to open the door) plucked a fruity phone from the display and said – Is this what you want? and started to head to the till. Assistant Number 1 continued to read his  newspaper.  I explained patiently that was not what I required that I wished to become an Android. Treating me to a sceptical look he  rummaged in a case, picked up a random handset and said – we’ve got this one… I think its good. Gritting my teeth I enquired what was the tariff and in particular  levels for internet browsing and usage . At this  point  he had to defer to No 1 who  lifting his eyes from the newspaper gabbled something  which clearly indicated he considered me an idiot incapable of telling a mega bite from a mosquito bite.

I left…

But as you can see I am now an Android,  I’m still searching for the perfect cover  (don’t get me started on the accessory sales people).  I have it courtesy of a well-known Warehouse who don’t just sell Phones for Cars. Charming sales people interested in what I wanted,  asked me pertinent questions, didn’t patronise my stupid questions,  saved me money, transferred all my contacts and most importantly, gave me a choice of colour.

I may just pop back to the other stores and check if they work on commission…..


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  1. Oh dear, I have all this to come! I really would love an iPhone and am scouring all surfaces to find a suitable tariff when my upgrade comes, even to buying a reconditioned one beforehand to test the water. (you could sell me yours!) As I have an iMac, that is the reason as my Blackberry things can’t be seen on the iMac, nor are the maps any good.

    You will have to report on the Samsung on your next posting. I could crochet you a fetching striped cover, if you let me have the measurements, to slide your phone plus cover into!

    • Yes, strangely enough another friend just called she had been in her phone shop as I was writing the blog!
      It is a nightmare trying to thread your way through the various tarrifs etc.
      Iphones are great and I have friends that also have macs etc that sync everything. I have a BBerry for work as well and yes apps etc are much better on iPhone. But they are expensive,however there is something called Sim Only – which I don’t really understand but if you can get a handset and get it unlocked then that is a good option I believe..
      Would sell you mine but I have promised it to my young nephew.
      worth checking EBay

      • There’s a site called Wicked Gadgets, who have an Ebay shop too, who sell refurbished phones & I’ve been looking on there. They also do iPads. I thought you would have had plans for your phone, most people pass them onto family members. My son was trying to get me his but his had to be passed onto someone below him at work.

        How is the Cycletta preparation? Mine is nil but just go for short rides and when the weather improves will do a bit more. So long as I can get around in just over 1.5 hrs I’m fine about that.

      • Thanks will check it out.
        Cycletta training not really in gear yet – weather, work and other stuff getting in the way. Have done some very short runs, will bekicking up a gear over next few months – we are aiming for under 2 hours so we will only see your dust cloud!

  2. You promised David your old iphone :0
    (runs off to file for bankruptcy before the phone bill arrives)


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