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Oh Yes! I am finally on the last leg  before leaving tomorrow for a week in the sunshine of Ibiza. Wrinkly Raves .com will be leaving the UK via Newcastle for a week of reading, relaxing and exploring.

The packing is done – hand luggage only for this one – demonstrating a need for ruthless wardrobe selection choice. Something  which I now find totally liberating. I have made my way to the North East  having gone through all those rituals we seem to have to do before we can leave, hoovering, checking the heating, cleaning the bathroom, leaving copious notes for those left behind about putting the bin out,  not forgetting to feed the cat, remembering the recycling day. I thought it may just be me but on arrival here I noticed by the front door a post it with the details of the last things my flight companion must do as we exit tomorrow!

So tonight we will be cracking open the prosecco to ensure we are entering the chill zone of holiday contentment. In the meantime I am pushing the boundaries of friendship… I arrived with a bag stuffed with clothes  needing minor alterations. I was firmly ejected from the domestic science class  (as we called it then) at  the first possible opportunity, following a correct assessment of my total lack of ability with a needle and thread. Even threading the thing was a challenge requiring squinty eyes and excess of saliva. Many a time I would present a grubby piece of rag and struggle to convince anyone  of its resemblance to an apron or tablecloth. So thank heaven for friends.. as I type she is pinning 

Building up a head of steam on the sewing machine

all whilst keeping an eye on the Golf in Spain as we have reason to believe her husband is in the crowd prior to his flight to join us on the Party Island.

When I was young there was always a  keen sense of anticipation prior to a holiday – which generally only happened once a year and involved long car journeys to either the Norfolk coast, or as we grew more adventurous, overnight drives to the West Country.

We are more blasé about travel now and if we are lucky, visit places that as a child were only names on a map, but I for one and certainly today still have that mounting sense of excitement.

So any one seeing two ladies of a certain age with smiles as wide as the Mediterranean at Newcastle Airport tomorrow … yes its us, feel free to say hello – excitement is infectious!



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  1. Have a wonderful vacation! I don’t even know you but you description of your anticipation and preparations has me smiling. I really like your writing style. 🙂

  2. Julie, I found myself smiling as I read your blog and talking about preparations for holidays, I remember growing up with ‘rag week’ the week before you went away as you could only wear your old clothes as all your nice ones were ready for packing! No dryers etc as we have now.
    Enjoy your holiday and enjoy the rest. Kath xx

  3. Enjoy your Holiday.

  4. Have a great time Julie. If there are any problems let me know ASAP please. I have to say that I don’t expect you to have any problems though. X

  5. There is nothing nicer than the last ‘sleep’ before you go on holiday! You deserve a break more than most, so enjoy every precious sunny moment and soak up the rest and relaxation. Looking forward to hearing all about it on your return. Glad x

  6. Julie I am so jeleaus as I have 4 days to work ahead of my break.
    Have a great time,
    see you soon!


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