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It’s Wine O’Clock…..

Posted on are back from a week of sunshine, white wine and sunsets in Ibiza.  Expectations have been fulfilled and  the memories of brilliant clear blue skies are keeping me going on a cold, rainy Bank Holiday. Sunshine really does re charge the batteries and bring a sense of well being and on this week’s trip we got plenty of it whilst exploring this lovely island.  Its safe to say we covered just about  all aspects  of the island,  deserted beaches, Hippy Market Hell, Clubbers Paradise of San Antonio, glossy marinas, fabulous restaurants and dodgy karaoake.

There were some tricky moments as we settled into our natural roles – Driver, Planning and Navigation and Catering Management. Main issue being  that as Planning and Navigation my inability to tell left from right was a potential problem, however Driver T soon adapated and realised he either needed to do the exact oppostite of what I was saying or follow the direction of my flailing arms.  The Catering Manager went on strike part way through the week declaring restaurant choice  an onerous responsibility and it should be a democratic process, but in the general way of strikes at the moment, it was a one day event and our decision making balance  was fully restored the following morning over a  ‘Full English’ brunch… classy eh!

However,  we did find our way to some wonderful places, managed to get into  some front row reserved seats at Cafe Mamboat just the right time for our daily ‘ Wine O’clock’ spot.  Though we did move round the bay to Kumharas for our actual sunset experience

and jolly wonderful it was as well.

Above all it was a chance to take a week out away from some of the awkward reality of life at the moment, to explore and experience new places, new music,  to talk, to  agree, to disagree, to put the world to rights.. or not,  and to to read,  to be silent, to be on our own as it suited, and to come together daily on the stroke of  ‘Wine  O’Clock’. Wine O’ Clock was our hour of quiet , with three glasses of white wine, three kindles and three bowls of crisps.. the perfect preparation for the evening ahead.  So on this dull dismal Bank Holiday,  I will stick some Cafe del Mar on the ipod pour a glass of something white and cold, root out the Kindle,  indulge in a bowl of kettle of crisps and remind myself of a wonderful week.




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