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Out of the Dark into the Light

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Dark clouds can engulf us physically and mentally. The recent vile weather accompanied by dark and threatning clouds does little to lift the spirits, which can  become  dark and cloudy places as a result of outside environments.

My cycling companion  and I were struggling today with physical and mental dark clouds hanging over us . In addition the pressing need to get some Cycletta training in has been weighing heavily on us, so taking advantage of  a break in the clouds we pushed off and out towards the canal.

As we  went, there were a few brief spots of rain and then miraculously wonderful sunshine… and despite some moaning and groaning – mainly up the hills, we have returned in better humour  with the tans topped up.

Along the way several events lifted our spirits, notably when our lamentable lack of technical expertise was exposed as my chain became detached. We were immediately rescued  by a plethora of cyclists, well wishers and a wonderful young man who took control, gave it  what appeared to be a good tug, a shake and a yank and sent me on my way in seconds.

We have immediately reprioritised our cycling maintenance workshops…

The tea and scones ritual was completed with  fabulous scones at Oswaldtwistle Mills, meeting a friend and indulging in  window shopping, complete with entertainment from  a prime candidate for salesperson of the year in the cycling and outdoor department. We will return for the final sale.

We pushed on to the Hill of Doom, decided it would still be there to be conquered another day and returned home in  glorous sunshine, pausing only to say hello to the the Swan Family out and about on the canal

We are no where near  our Cycletta level yet, but we are working on it, we have a plan and most importantly  we didn’t let the dark clouds get the better of us today  nor will we in the future.



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  1. Ello – I’ve not signed up for Cycletta yet as I didn’t want to be billy no mates but no one appears to be doing Cheshire. Are you doing Cheshire and if so may I tag along? No worries if it’s just a JBT outing, completely understand and will start signing up for things down here, just wondered.

    • Hi
      Of course you can join us… we are not sure how many and we are doing for it JBT again but we were counting you in as a team JBT member anyway! We’ve not actually registered yet but will get round to it…

  2. I went on the bike on Sunday instead of going to a classic car show, think I was a bit unpopular for that but I need to keep doing a bit for Cycletta, although I’ve not entered yet. Last year I only decided to do it 4 weeks before, and although I’d been cycling short distances put a bit of effort in during the 3 weeks before.

    The weather was lovely on Sunday.


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