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Champagne Chocolates and Charity…..the sequel

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This time last year I wrote a post  Champagne Chocolates and Charity about the countless numbers of people who contribute on a local level to fundraising for charity.  I said I was sure that all the fabulous people contributing to raising funds for our local charity would be back again in 2012 to do the same again. Well call me Mystic Meg,   last night there they were, along with many  new faces  enjoying champagne and chocolates and once again digging deep for The John Bury Trust.

Blackburn with Darwen is one of the most economically deprived areas of the country and has been hit hard in the recent austerity  cuts.  Many of those supporting the event have themselves been affected and money is scarce. So it is all the more wonderful that so many people put on their glad rags and bling and came out not only  to party but to affirm their commitment to helping those who need it most.

Every single person who came last night made a contribution no matter how small or large to investing in the future of the area. Young people hold the future in their hands and by helping  them realise their potential we give them faith that they have a future.

We will be continuing our efforts to raise funds because yes, money does make a difference, but actually a bit of partying, fun and enjoyment goes a long way as well.

Look out for  Part 3 this time next year…




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