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I Finally Get It

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Ok, I admit defeat! I finally understand the Tour de France and why it has so many followers, and yes, it has taken the hype of a Brit winner to get me to even watch the TV coverage.

I have been pedaling for a year but only for myself and whilst I have indulged in bike porn looking at various models and checking out those with nice colours, shapes and baskets, cycling as a sport has largely passed me by.  I have cheered on Boardman, Hoy Pendleton et al at the Olympics as part  of my patriotic duty appreciating  they have trained hard,  made massive commitment and delivered the goods. Road racing, however, has been an unknown world, however over the past week I have watched and realised the complexities,  most  importantly the whole ‘team thing’. I had in my past ignorance just thought it was about one person who could  just go faster than the rest in  a rather naff lycra outfit.

I now know I was completely off the mark and the whole thing is  about the team – the mix of skills, management leadership and the touchy subject of sacrifice for the team.

I still don’t get it all and actually I think I’ll leave it at where I am – I may not watch any other races, the Vueltas, Giros, will always think the lycra naff, but I salute Wiggins, all of Team Sky  and do you know what? those last few mins on the Champs Elysee were nearly as nerve wracking as Man Utd in Barcelona May 1999 and that’s saying something.


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  1. This has been the most exciting Tour in all my watchings I think. GB can be very proud of its riders. I have been trying to explain to my husband the ‘niceties’ of the Tour, like doing ‘bit and bit’ in a small group, the domestiques looking after the major team members and he wanted to know how someone could win if he didn’t win all the stages! I’ve been brought up with it so understand.

    Glad you have enjoyed it.


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