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Second thoughts..

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… on the Olympics.

Following on from last weeks first thoughts when I said I was embracing the high’s and lows… well  so far

The highs

  • so many magnificent performances especially from Team GB – too many to mention
  • women competing in all sports
  • the brave women who defied culture and repression to compete
  • the exuberance of the crowds and supporters
  • receiving texts and tweets from friends in the Olympic Park, out on the cycling routes, in the velodrome and vicariously enjoying their excitement
  • the overall sense of national obsession – I stayed in the car listening to rowing commentary before getting out to meet with a colleague… she was doing the same!
  • Boris stuck on a zip wire   
     and the lows..
  • not being there
  • the Daily Mail obsession with the ability of the Duchess of Cambridge to change outfits 3 times in a day… I will eagerly await their forthcoming campaign to make outfit changing an Olympic Event
  • the negative attitude of  post event commentators…  Far too many of the’ how dissapointed are you to only win a silver/bronze’ comments.  For heavens sake just getting to be in the Olympic Team is a magnificent achievement… celebrate it and let them know how much their effort is appreciated.

on which note I am off to watch the tennis finals and cheer on Murray (x2) and Robson and I don’t care if its a Silver or Gold… it will be brilliant.

Lets celebrate success and stop looking for failure..


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Ageing optimist still trying to make sense of life. New to blogging.

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  1. Yes absolutely agree.What great attention to detail on every level.Especially liked the themed show jumps.

  2. Fully agree. Any medal s worthy of celebration and is success on a huge scale. Feel so proud to he British!


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