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Against All Odds…..

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There have been plenty of times  this year when Team JBT have felt their  contribution to the 2012 UK sports bonanza was jinxed. No more so than at an unearthly hour of this morning when  two thirds of Team JBT plus technical support and canine mascot realised that due to a cycle rack malfunction our bikes had just flown  down the motorway into  an early morning fog!

Fortunately, the  road was deserted and a major accident  was averted, the bikes survived with minor injury, but for a split second our attempt to overcome bad weather, work stress, mud, rats and other obstacles which have prevented a full training schedule, looked doomed.

But we are not Team JBT for  nothing…

 if we can overcome a few rats and a bit of mud we knew  we could sort this –  though I have to say that there was a fairly strong sub plot running through this drama  involving a very dodgy tummy which could have de railed our collective problem solving skills. I will not go into  too much detail, but suffice it to know that the successful resolution  was the result of initiative, improvisation and a thick blanket of fog.

A  phone call  later, our back up tech team, having responded immediately and leapt from a snug bed emerged from the mist with a rescue car and support vehicle, bikes were loaded in  seconds and a two car convoy set off at speed for Cheshire. (Eat your heart out Team Sky)

With split second timing we drove on to the parking field, gave the bikes a cursory check, collected our third team member  who gamely was going to go it alone  in the event of us not making the start… and literally rode across the start line as the final 3 !

We may have started last but we didn’t finish that way… somehow we powered our way round in  faster times than last year!  We could say we were fuelled by the drinks, sweets and glucose we took on board at the rest stops, but I  really think it was the determination not to let our Charity, our sponsors and supporters down . More importantly the thought of  the children and young people of Blackburn with Darwen who will benefit from the funds raised spurred us on to complete the course. We may have our medals 

but the real satisfaction will come when we distribute the funds and know that we are helping someone realise their  true potential.

A massive thank you to all our supporters and those who have already sponsored us – for those who would still like to support our cause you can do so at


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  1. Well done!! Knew you would do it!

  2. Well, that was a hairy experience and well done. I actually didn’t do it this year, away three weeks before, forgot to put the bike in, a very stressful week (family business to discuss) and then it rained non stop on the return, so just wasn’t in the mood, no adrenaline had pumped around me other than the stressful sort. I understand it is much earlier next year, which will be great for me, as by October, I’ve got a little fit, then lost it a bit.

    So, next year, you do the longer ride?


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