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Bin Bandits… a bit of a rant…

Oh Yes… here come the rant.

As I live in a small terrace house and do not produce a huge amount of household waste and that which I do is conscientiously recycled,  when I place my wheelie bin outside for collection it is generally not brim full. As I am mostly not at home on collection days and usually rushing to work, I carefully ensure that said wheelie bin is placed outside the night before collection in order that it is  not missed. Being on  2 weekly collections due to the imposition of draconian austerity cuts up here in the North (that not may be the real reason but hey I’m having a rant and so if I can  place even some of the blame on the coalition then all to the good!) means that a missed collection  takes us into the realms of very dodgy health and safety and the risk of the bin contents resembling something from the set of SlumDog Millionaire.

So time and again when I am at home and go the next morning to place the final remnants of my  fortnightly rubbish in  what should be my half empty bin I find it stuffed to the gills with alien bin bags… I know they are alien as they  are  slightly better quality  than mine. They also appear to be full of shapes resembling bottles and things which should by rights be in the recycling bin.

So now I am fuming on 2 counts

  1.  If your bin is over flowing is it not basic manners to ask before stuffing your rubbish in some one elses?  How would they like it if I stuffed my surplus rubbish through their letterbox or threw it over the wall into their yard?
  2. If the recycling police spot contraband in my bin I am the one  who will end up in court, I will no doubt protest my innocence  have a rant  and  in the blink of an eye  be behind bars desperately trying to mount a campaign to free the Wronged Wheelie Bin One.  And as I  have already p’d off Dave Cameron  in my first paragraph, no amount of lovely LOL texts and promises of ‘country suppers’ is going to get me any support in high places!

Well I am not  doing time for any Bin Bandits… you may well sneak down the alley under cover of darkness again but you will be foiled –  not via trip wires and booby traps… though it has crossed my mind… but I am re jigging my diary so that I  can put that bin out in the morning and will train the cat to sit on top fending off all comers until the dustcart arrives.

I am reclaiming my wheelie bin,  protecting my own rubbish and defending my recycling integrity…

Rant over… off to check out CCTV systems.


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Ageing optimist still trying to make sense of life. New to blogging.

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  1. Great rant Julie, happens with my bins too! I need to buy a cat, or tiger maybe?!

  2. great blog as always Jules… made me laugh

  3. Does putting rubbish into someone else’s bin constitute fly tipping, you could put a notice up stating how much the fine is for this offence. Great rant Julie, we get the same thing as our bins get used by walkers and they just put stuff in it. The big problem for us is that as our bin is emptied manually everything has to be in bin bags, if not then it doesn’t get emptied. The same with our recycling bins!

  4. I would be annoyed about that too. Our bin is fairly empty but recently become a bit more full as someone gives me stuff which is otherwise thrown away. Some of the stuff I won’t use but as I can’t look a gift horse in the mouth so to speak, I accept it with thanks and put rest in the bin.

    Thankfully at the moment there are not bin police in our area but I think I could pass the test.


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